YITAMOTOR 7 Layers Breathable Universal Fit Car Cover Review

There is no doubt that your car is one of the most prized possessions. You would want to give the best protection at all times. How would you protect your car from dust and debris when you are parking it under the trees? What would you do if you had to park your car, outdoors on the roadside for long hours?

The simple option will be to make use of the YITAMOTOR 7 Layers Breathable Universal Fit SUV, Van, and Truck Car Cover to protect your car from natural sources like sun, wind, and snow. This cover is waterproof and hence there will be no seepage of water inside the cabin space.

The YITAMOTOR Universal Car Cover is suited for trucks, sedans, SUVs and vans that are up to 206 inches long. This cover comes with 7-layer protection and breathable fabric that keeps the interiors of the car cool even when it is parked in the hot sun.


The key features that make the YITAMOTOR 7 Layers Breathable Universal Fit SUV, Van, and Truck Car Cover a hot favorite among vehicle owners are:

  • Attractive size of 206” x 74.80” x 70.86” in length, width and height respectively
  • The cover is made using the finest and high-quality materials
  • It is very easy to put and remove and is also washable
  • The fabric is very soft to touch and is 100% waterproof and will also repel water from its surface
  • It will not rot or be affected by mildew
  • The cover is offered with 7-layer premium fabric protection so that the paint does not fade off and also the car cannot get scratched that easily
  • The cover is designed to protect the car from harmful UV rays, wind, snow, dust, wind and smog


  • The bottom of the cover comes with elastic hems to fit snug on any vehicle
  • Tie-down grommets are provided so that the cover does not fly off during heavy winds
  • Protects the car from natural outdoor elements
  • Made using environmentally friendly materials


  • The product is a bit heavy and difficult to put on the car
  • Works fine only on light, UV conditions


If you are looking for the ultimate vehicle protection from dust, wind, snow, rain and sun, then there is no better vehicle cover than the YITAMOTOR 7 Layers Breathable Universal Cover that suits premium cars, sedans, SUVs, trucks, vans and 4×4.

The outside layer of the cover is made of PEVA material and the center layer is made of fabric. The inside layer is made using thick, soft cotton lining that will prevent the car from getting any scratches. The materials are of high quality and the cover is 1000% breathable.

There are three tie-down grommets offered at the bottom of the car in the front, middle and the rear to ensure that the cover stays on the car during high winds. It can be used to cover cars that are placed inside as well as outside. There is no question about dust entering through the cover onto your car and spoiling the exterior paint of the car.


A comparative study among the popular universal car covers will give you evidence of how good the 7-layer breathable universal car cover from YITAMOTOR is. The first product is the Motor Trend All weather waterproof premium SUV and van covers that are about 185 inches in length.

It comes with three-layer plus fabric protection and also is a highly breathable cover. The price is just the same as that of YITAMOTOR 7-Layers Breathable Universal Car Cover, but it lacks the features offered by the YITAMOTOR cover.

The second product that is taken for comparison with the YITAMOTOR Universal Cover is the OxGord Auto basic outdoor 4-layers cover for SUV, van, and truck. It offers more or less the same features that YITAMOTOR Universal Car Cover offers.

It lacks in the number of layers offered as the OxGord only has 4-layer protection, whereas the YITAMOTOR cover offers 7-layer protection. There is a dual outer shell that ensures UV protection and it can cover vehicles up to 206 inches long.


There is no doubt that the YITAMOTOR Universal Cover that suits sedans, SUVs, vans, trucks and premium cars that are about 206 inches long is a very good option at an affordable price as it offers 7-layer protection. The inside layers are made using thick, soft cotton lining to offer better breathability for the car and also prevent any scratches from affecting the paint on the car.

With 100% dustproof, waterproof, light, UV protection, water repellent feature, breathable fabric and protection of paint from smog, the sun, dust, the wind, and rain, there is no better car cover you can buy than the YITAMOTOR 7 Layers Breathable Universal Fit Cover.

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