What Type of Car Cover Should I Choose?

A car is a big investment and hence you would be looking at all ways and means to protect your investment. If it is a classic or a higher end model, than you would like to keep your most valued possession safe and fully protected. Not everyone has the opportunity of having a garage in their homes, but would love to keep their car safe and protected from harmful materials, dust and external threats.

The best option to protect your car from the vagaries of weather and other threats is to cover it using a good quality car cover. The cover on the car will protect the interiors and the paint job from the harmful exposure to all kinds of elements. They will help in protecting the car from minor scratches and dents. By using a car cover, you can save thousands of dollars, as it will extend the car paint job for a few more years.

Why use car covers?

A car cover is basically a piece of cloth that you would use on the car to cover it fully from the top to the bottom. It will keep the car safe from getting exposed to various external threats. The car will also be kept clean and neat when it is not used for longer periods of time. The following are some of the things that affect the exterior of a car when it is placed outdoors without a car cover.

The bird droppings can cause damage to the car’s paint as it has a mix of uric acid in it. When they are exposed to the hot sun, they can cause the paint to fade.

There are hidden dangers that you cannot foresee when you park your car under a tree during hot summer periods. The nuts, berries, dead leaves and the sap on the tree apart from bird’s droppings can fall on the car and mess up the exteriors.

Cars are designed to withstand rain, but they do not work any magic against hail and the small to medium size pieces of ice that form during severe storms can cause scratches and dents to your car’s surface.

Dust is one big factor that car owners often ignore. It can get accumulated in the car parked inside or outside the house for longer periods of time. As the dust settles down, it can cause damage to the car’s paint and the color will also start to fade.

The UV radiation of the sun during the peak summer months can cause severe damage to the paint job as it will get dimmed over time.

So, with so many threats to the car, it is wise to invest in a good car cover to safeguard your valuable possessions and keep it looking new for a longer period.

Types of car covers

There are basically three types of car covers: waterproof, cotton and water resistant ones.

Waterproof covers

The waterproof covers will help in keeping the water out and it is an outdoor cover. It is not the ideal or the best car cover available as it has the tendency to trap the moisture inside. The moisture does not have any room to escape and hence it starts to work on the paint enamel.

Keeping the waterproof covers for shorter periods of time on your car is beneficial and works well. One of the best options to use outdoor waterproof covers on your car for longer periods is to use it over an indoor car cover. The indoor cover will keep moisture away and the outdoor cover will prevent water from getting inside.

Water resistant car covers

A very good outdoor car cover is the water resistant cover as it will prevent water from penetrating inside. It is made using breathable fabric and hence the air can circulate well and therefore you need not have to fear about moisture buildup underneath the cover.

Most of these covers come with UV protection and are also mildew resistant. There are offered in a wide array of fabrics that offers different levels of protection. You should choose one that meets your demands and requirements.

Indoor car covers

You will find most of the indoor covers made using soft cotton or cotton blend or polyester material. They are ideal for cars placed in the garage and they will help in mainly protecting the car from dust, debris, and dents and also can protect it against water. They can be used outdoors, but only for shorter periods.

A fitted car cover is the best option as it will tightly cover the car from top to bottom and will not toss off quickly during heavy winds. With the above knowledge, you can be sure of finding the most suited cover for your car.

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