What Size of Car Covers Do I Need

If you really value your car, you should consider investing in a car cover. Leaving your car uncovered is like walking naked. This is because the car will be exposed to many potential damages that can be avoided by fixing a cover. Nowadays covers are so cheap on the internet due to stiff competition among manufacturers. In most cases you will not pay for shipment fee.

The hurdle in buying a car cover lies in knowing the appropriate size for your automobile. The first step towards getting the right cover starts with measuring the length of your car. You therefore need a tape measure.  Start by measuring the distance between the front and rear bumper. You should also measure the car’s height from the roof to the bottom.

Selecting the Cover

You can buy a car cover from any company that trades in car accessories. The good thing is that you can buy from the internet or offline at the nearest convenience store.

If you opt to shop offline, it’s recommended that you compare the different prices offered by different outlets to ensure you get the best deal. You should drive your car to the nearest car accessory dealer and have it measured by their staff. If they don’t have a size that fits your car, they can make a customized cover.

On the other hand, shopping online is a lot easier because you can visit different outlets virtually from the comfort of your home. Most online stores have size charts that can be used to determine the ideal size of car cover. If you are not sure about the size of your car, it’s advisable to order for a universal fit. This option is available because different manufacturers have different standards. Below are some benefits of using a car cover.

  • Protects car finish from ultra violet rays that cause the paint to fade.
  • Keeps car safe from animal droppings
  • Prevents acid rain and snow from coming into contact with car body
  • Wax and washes last longer
  • Prevents accumulation of dust and other stains that cause abrasion.

Snug Fit is Better

The biggest mistake you can make when shopping for car cover is to settle for an over size. Having such a cover is as bad as having none. Such a cover can be removed by strong winds. Besides that, the cover can start flapping vigorously. This can cause serious damages on the car’s paintjob in the long run.

A snug fit car cover is highly recommended because it does not leave any gaps that can cause flapping.  If the cover fits snugly, its hems will definitely embrace the car almost like rubber.

Type of Your Car

It’s important to consider the type of your car when looking to buy a car cover. This is because there are certain manufacturers that make specific covers for different car types.Covers that are meant to be used on jeeps may not fit on sedans and vice versa.

In most cases, a cover that fits on a sedan will definitely fit on station wagon and a pickup truck. Besides that, there are covers that are ideal for outdoor use while others are recommended for cars that are parked in garages. Covers that are used indoors usually repel water because they are breathable. This causes the moisture to evaporate without leaving mildew between the cover and the paintjob.

On the other hand, covers that are meant for outdoor use are designed to be water resistant. Majority of these covers are not breathable. This is because they can withstand extreme water conditions. Whether the cover repels or resists water, its material should not be woven. This helps in preventing accumulation of mildew.

Where the Car is Parked

If you park your automobile in the street, it’s important to buy a thick car cover. This is because such parking lots are prone to accidents. The windscreen can be easily broken by kids especially the type that like playing with balls.

If you leave your car parked within your home compound, you can settle for a fairly thick cover. If you use your car regularly, you should go for a lightweight cover. You don’t want a cover that requires you to get an extra hand when removing it every morning.

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