Tips On How To Keep Your Car Cool

During the hot summer season, the sun beats down like anything. If you are traveling in your car, then you would like to increase the fan speed of the AC so that you get good cool air. You might fall, as if you are in a hot sauna, while driving your car during the summer months.

There are many people who do not have the luxury of owning an AC car and would be looking at other ways to keep the sun off their car. The following are some of the things that you can do in order to keep your car interiors cool during peak summer months.

Invest in high-quality car covers

One of the easiest and the best ways to protect your car interiors from getting heated up is to buy a good quality outdoor car cover. The cover you are buying must be made of breathable fabric and fabrics that will not easily attract the harmful rays of the sun.

If you are parking the car outside in the heavy sun, then you need to definitely go for a car cover that offers UV protection so that it will reflect the harmful rays of the sun that fall on the cover. If you are living in an area where you experience hot sun during the summer months, then you should invest in quality reflective car covers that will offer very good protection from the UV rays.

These days you can buy car covers that will reflect the sun off its surface and also offer very good water resistance. So, parking cars outdoors will not be an issue as your car is protected from the perils of the sun and the rain.

The outer layer of the cover will be a tough one and it will have a soft inside layer to prevent any damages to the car’s paint. By using quality car covers, you will not feel the car’s interiors to be that hot. You can have quick access to the car’s steering wheel once you step inside the car as it will be not that hot like how you would be feeling when your car is parked right under the sun.

The car covers are a better option than just parking your car under the shade of the tree during summers. This will help in keeping the bird droppings and the dried leaves from falling on the car’s paint and damaging it. By using the sun protection car covers, you can reduce the heat inside the car by two times. It will also reflect the sunlight by about 95% and offer the protection that you need.

Other ways to keep your car cool

Some of the other ways you can keep your car cool during peak summers are as follows.

It is better to look for shaded parking places when parking your car so that the interiors of the car would be cooler. Parking under trees, buildings or in the underground parking is a good idea to keep the interiors free from the sun.

Using a glass sunshade is a good option to keep the harmful UV rays from the car interiors. They will help in preventing the interior temperature of the car to rise and offer you decent comfort when you get inside the car.

Many people have the habit of opening all the four windows to cool the car when they step inside a car parked in the hot sun. Instead of this, it would be a better option to first turn on the bottom vents of the air conditioner so that the air from the bottom is moved to the top and this gives the chance for the air to escape through the open windows. Once the hot air moves out, it would be time to switch on the upper vents so that the car can cool quickly.

How to buy UV resistant car covers?

You will find semi-custom fit and custom fit sun protection car covers in the market. As you know that the harmful rays of the sun is the worst enemy for the car as it can slowly spoil the paint work done on the car. Exposing the car to the harmful UV rays of the sun for longer hours every day will make the paint fade off quickly. This is why you need to keep a close eye on the quality of UV protection that the cover offers.

Investing in a good custom fit car cover that offers very good protection from the sun and the dust apart from having water repellent properties is the best choice of UV resistant car covers you can make.

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