Things To Consider When Buying Budget Car Covers

Things To Consider When Buying Budget Car Covers

If you are in the market looking for car covers, then you would have understood the importance of using these covers and the benefits that it offers. There are plenty of car covers that you will come across in the physical or online stores and choosing one would not be an easy task. This article has been written to help you in choosing the best budget cover and how to make the right choice.

You should never look to buy a car cover just because it fits your budget or it is coming at a lower price than your pre-fixed budget. As your car is a big investment, you will dearly need to protect this investment in the best possible manner. There are a few things that you need to check out when you are on the hunt to buy a new car cover.

Choosing a budget car cover

The very first thing that you need to consider is whether you will be placing your car, outdoors and does it need to be protected from external elements or whether you will be keeping your car in your home in the garage.

Both these options need car covers to prevent dust, dirt, and water from affecting the car’s paint and interiors. If you are keeping your car, outdoors or under trees, then using an outdoor car cover is a good option and indoor car covers are ideal options for cars placed in the garage.

Weather conditions

The covers built for outdoor use is designed in such a way that it is effective for varying weather conditions. If you are living in an area where there is heavy snow or ice falls, then you should invest in covers that are made of highly durable materials.

By choosing such covers, you need not worry about the rips and the tears that the cover would undergo due to snow falling on it. The cars parked in rainy outdoors must be covered with quality water repellent car covers so that rain does not stand on the cover for long. This will help in preventing condensation and moisture buildup under the covers.

If you are residing in an area where there is extreme temperature, then opting for a cover that will withstand high summer temperatures and extremely cold temperatures is an ideal option. The car should be durable enough to withstand the weight of the snow and ice and also must be preventing the UV rays from affecting the car paint job.

Cover size

Often people do not buy the fitted car cover that suits their car and the end result are that the car gets easily blown away during heavy winds. The car cover manufacturers come out with small, medium and large sized covers to suit cars of various lengths and categories.

A car cover that exactly fits a sedan would not be fitting the 4×4 or pickup truck perfectly. Hence, give due importance to the size of the car cover and ensure that it snugly fits your vehicle to offer maximum protection.

Cover ties or straps

It is very important to choose car covers that come with tie up option or straps so that they can be fastened on to the car easily. This will help in preventing the cover from flying off during a storm or heavy winds.

The strap must be able to attach to the car wheels or to the undercarriage of the car so that it stays hugging onto the car, even during heavy winds. There are car cover manufacturers that offer tie-down grommets and cable along with the cover to ensure that they can be fastened onto the car.


It is very important to choose a car cover that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This is of utmost importance as you can be sure that you can get a free replacement or the cover for the damaged cover if it gets unusable or damaged. By using car covers with warranty, you can be sure that the cover you buy is of good quality and will last long.


As you can see, there are a lot of things that must be looked into when buying a simple car cover. There is also a difference when it comes to choosing indoor and outdoor car covers.

The breathability, the dust blocking ability, the materials used and the kind of finish are some of the things that you should always consider when buying car covers. By putting in a lot of research and by weighing different options, you can surely find the most suited car cover on a budget.

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