OxGord Signature Car Cover Review

Nothing protects your car better than OxGord Signature Car Cover. There are currently 300 customer reviews for this car cover on Amazon. The cover can survive any level of punishment because it features three layers of construction. You can therefore be sure that your car will be safe from scratches, mildew, bird droppings, ultra violet sun rays and dust among other pollutants.

Moreover, the cover has two outer shells that prevent water from penetrating into the interior of the car.  This helps in avoiding instances of the car body from being stained by acid rain and silt matter. The cover is designed to be breathable so that air can enter and exit the space between the car and the cover. This ensures that the paint doesn’t wear out due to evaporation. The cover comes with an antenna patch.

Besides that, there is a storage pouch for transporting the cover when you are on the go. You therefore don’t have to wait until you return home to cover your car because it’s highly portable. Although it looks really big when spread over your car, it can be folded several times into a light package.

The OxGord Signature Car Cover fits perfectly on any automobile that’s not longer than 204 inches. As a matter of fact, the cover is spacious enough to shield the whole car against external damages.

With this cover, no one will be tempted to break into your car even when there are valuable items because they can’t see through the thick material. Fixing this cover is fun and easy. It actually gives you peace of mind because it can’t scratch the car body when you are rolling it over thanks to the smooth inner lining.  The seams of the cover have been reinforced to make it durable.

In fact, the hems are made to be flexible to guarantee that you don’t strain while fixing or removing it. You only need to start from the rear to the front and vice versa when removing the cover. In fact, there are front and rear draw strings that can be pulled when fixing the cover. And when the winds get nasty, you need not to worry. This is because there are tie down grommets for fastening it firmly.


  • 5 layers construction
  • Water proof
  • Fits up to 204 inches
  • Cheap
  • 9 pounds
  • Antenna patch
  • Tie down grommets


  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Reinforced Seams
  • Front and rear elastic hems draw strings
  • Storage pouch


  • Not easy to clean
  • No driver’s side zip


OxGord Signature Car Cover is a game changer. With this car cover, you will never have to worry about dust, bird droppings and other types of stains. Your car will always have a brand new outlook that will give you an edge when selling it.

The cover offers convenience to motorists that have a busy schedule due to the inclusion of a carrying bag. Besides that, the cover is fairly priced because the package includes the tie down grommets and a rope.


If you want your car to remain spotlessly clean, you just have to invest in an OxGord Signature Car Cover. However, there are other alternatives that can be compared with this car cover. They Include Motor Trend TrueShield Car Cover and RockyMRanger Car Cover.

Motor Trend TrueShield Car Cover features double stitched seams that make it tough and durable. The hems are designed to be flexible. Moreover, there are pulling straps at the front and the rear to ensure the cover fits nicely. These straps are made from a reflective material enhance the visibility of your car at night. The cover is resistant to water, snow, dust and other stains.

Even the seams are coated with a water proof material. The package comes with a 7 foot cable and lock for fastening the cover at the bottom when there are strong winds.

RockyMRanger Car Cover comes with elastic hems that prevent scratching when the cover is being removed or fixed. The cover features 10 layers of polypropylene construction.

Due to its thickness, the cover is resistant to water, snow, dust and other pollutants. Even the scorching sun can’t cause the finish to fade out. There are 6 loops for tightening the cover at the bottom. This helps in restraining the cover during bad weather.


OxGord Signature Car Cover is the best deal in this ranking. The car cover comes with a storage bag that makes it easier to transport it while traveling. And that’s not all. There are tie down grommets for dealing with strong winds. The downside is that it’s not easy to clean it.

Motor Trend TrueShield Car Cover is the second best deal. It features reflective front and rear straps. This makes it easier for other motorists to sport your car in the parking lot. The downside is that it’s costly than the other car covers.

RockyMRanger Car Cover is at the bottom of this ranking. It doesn’t come with a carrying bag. However, it’s still worth buying because it’s cheap and features 10 layers of construction.

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