OxGord Auto Cover – 1 Layer Dust Cover Review

If you are an owner of an SUV or an off-roader or a truck, then you would like to protect your vehicle in every way possible as it is one of your most prized possessions.

Are you living in a place where the temperature keeps changing often? Do you want to protect your vehicle from the varying weather patterns and to keep it dust free? Well, the best option is to make use of a very good quality car cover to protect your car from the vagaries of weather.

The best outdoor car protection cover that you can buy for your SUVs or trucks is the OxGord Auto Cover – 1 Layer Dust Cover. This is the best and affordable solution that you have to make sure that your car is always neat and new. This car cover is very smooth to touch and feel, but it is a very tough car cover for outdoor protection of your car. It is made using breathable fabric and suits, vehicles up to 206 inches.


The attractive features of the OxGord Auto Cover – 1 Layer Dust Cover that makes it an absolute favorite among SUV owners are:

  • It comes with  a dual outer shell  that ensures that nothing goes through it, be it rainwater or the harmful rays of the sun
  • Made of breathable and high-quality material that is highly durable
  • The elastic hems at the front and the rear ensures that the cover snug fits your car properly
  • It comes with tie down grommets to make sure that the cover stays on the car even during heavy winds
  • The car cover weighs 1.9 pounds and has a very smooth exterior


  • Semi glove fit covers to provide the best fit for incremental sizes
  • Offers 7 layers of protection
  • 100% waterproof
  • Lightweight and very easy to handle and store
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor protection


  • No mirror pockets
  • Not suited for heavy rains and snow


The OxGord Auto Cover – 1 Layer Dust Cover is the best car cover you can buy for your SUVs and trucks as it can cover sizes from 206 to 210 inches. The rear hems and drawstrings are adjustable to make sure that the cover snug fits the car. This is an economy car cover from OxGord and will protect your car’s exterior from light debris, winds, light rain, and the sun.

It is a perfect addition to your garage and works fine both indoors and outdoors. This is because of the one layer polypropylene material used that makes it tough outside, but is very smooth to touch. It is a breathable material and also offers very good UV protection. The reinforced tie-down grommets ensure that the car cover is secured on the car.


To know the quality of OxGord Auto Cover – 1 Layer Dust Cover, it has to be compared with two other popular car covers. The first one is the Duck Covers A1SUV264 Defender SUV Cover for SUVs/Pickup Trucks. This cover can fit SUV of size 264 inches in length and comes in light gray color.

The fabric used to make the cover is very soft and hence will not be able to protect your car from heavier impacts.  It also carries a heavier price tag than the OxGord 1 Layer Dust Cover despite offering more or less the same features. The second car cover chosen for comparison with the OxGord Auto Cover is the AUDEW car covers.

The first drawback is that this cover is priced $15 to $20 more than the OxGord car cover. It has features like dust protection, UV protection, highly flexible materials, etc., which are also the same features that you find in the OxGord car cover.


It is very clear from the above comparison that OxGord Auto Cover – 1 Layer Dust Car Cover is an affordable and useful car cover that will offer the protection that your SUV needs from dust, light rains and winds. It will reflect the powerful UV rays from its surface and therefore will ensure that the exterior paint of the car is intact.

The material used to make the cover is a breathable one and is also highly durable and water resistant. It offers both indoors and outdoors protection and is very easy to fold and unfold. This product comes with a storage bag so that it can be easily stored in your garage when not in use.

The tie down grommets ensures that the cover stays on the car during heavy winds. The material is smooth to touch, but is very tough on the inside and hence offers very good protection from external threats.

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