Motor Trend Outdoor Cover for JEEP Grand Cherokee Review

If you are the proud owner of a JEEP Grand Cherokee, then you would love to keep it free from dust, debris, strong winds, etc. You would always be on the lookout for protective things that will help in covering the windshield as well as prevent damage to the paint jobs from dust, bird droppings, trees and the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The best option to protect your favorite vehicle is the Motor Trend Outdoor Cover for JEEP Grand Cherokee. Its upscale cousin, the TrusShield Waterproof Fleece-Lined Cover, is also an excellent choice.  The Motor Trend is a very good car cover that will protect the vehicle from snow, wind, rain or dust, no matter your car is placed indoors or outdoors. This car protection cover weighs 7 pounds and will fit van, SUVs, pickup trucks and cars. It is an all-weatherproof outdoor car cover that is made using multiple protective layers.


The striking features of the Motor Trend Outdoor Cover for JEEP Grand Cherokee are as follows:

  • The cover is made using superior quality fabrics that are layered one over the other to offer complete protection from rain, dust, debris, bird droppings and snow
  • The materials used to make the cover are of superior quality and therefore it last a long time
  • The fabric used to make the cover is a breathable one and therefore the interior of the vehicle is kept cool
  • This is an outdoor JEEP Grand Cherokee cover and hence will protect the vehicle from UV rays, snow, and the wind
  • The cover comes with double stitched seams to ensure that the cover sticks onto the vehicle even during high winds
  • The durability of the cover is also enhanced as it has double stitched seams


  • Breathable and highly  durable, multi-layered fabric to keep  the vehicle cool inside
  • Outdoor car cover and hence protection n from UV, sun, snow, dust and debris
  • Comes with storage bag


  • Does not secure on the car during heavy winds
  • Poor quality nylon tie down cord


The Motor Trend Outdoor Cover for JEEP Grand Cherokee is the most suited car cover that you can buy for your favorite JEEP Cherokee vehicle. It is an outdoor, all-weatherproof car cover that will keep rain, shine and dust away from your car’s exterior.

No matter you are parking your Cherokee under trees or in the garage; this cover will offer the protection n that you are looking for. Your car will always remain spotless under this cover. It is very easy to fit and remove and is made of high quality and durable fabrics that are breathable.

The cover is mildew resistant and also keeps moisture and water away. This is an outdoor car cover and has elastic running along the bottom with double stitched seams to ensure that the cover snug fits onto the car even during high winds. This cover is specially designed to suit JEEP Cherokee.


To know more about the quality and the effectiveness of the Motor Trend Outdoor Cover for JEEP Grand Cherokee, it has to be compared with two other popular SUV/ pickup truck covers. The OxGord signature auto cover is designed to fit all popular SUVs that are up to 206 inches long.

All features like UV protection, waterproof construction, breathable fabric that is soft to touch, hems stitching, storage pouch, etc., are seen in both the car covers. The Motor Trend car cover is exclusively designed for JEEP Cherokee and comes about $10 lower than that of the OxGord Signature cover.

The Budge Lite SUV cover is the next car cover that is taken to compare with the Motor Trend JEEP Cherokee cover. The Budge Lite suits SUVs that are about 186 inches long only and will not sit to be used outdoors for a long time.

It comes with double stitched seams that offer extra durability and also has a full elastic hem to secure the cover in its place. It carries the same price of the Motor trend car cover minus outdoor car covering option.

The Motor Trend TrueShield Waterproof Fleece-Lined cover is a step-up in class.  As such, it is even heavier (12 pounds) and more durable.  This cover gets great reviews and offers great protection at a solid price.


It is very clear from the comparison above that the Motor Trend Outdoor Cover for JEEP Grand Cherokee is an excellent, custom fit cover and a great value. It is made using multiple layers of very strong and durable fabrics that will make sure that the dust, dirt, snow, wind, heavy rains or the sun’s rays does not harm the paint and the windshield of the vehicle.

The fabric used is a breathable one and hence it will keep the interiors of the car cool. The outer layer is waterproof and the inner layer is a no-scratch fabric. This is a very good and long lasting outdoor car cover for JEEP Cherokees.

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