Motor Trend All Weather Waterproof Premium Car Cover Review

Motor Trend All Weather Waterproof Premium Car Cover supports a length of 185 inches. The cover can therefore be used on various types of cars including vans, pickups and station wagons among many others. It doesn’t matter where you park your car because this cover will protect it against dirt.

You will no longer have sleepless nights thinking about how thugs will break into your vehicle and get away with the valuables. Since the cover is all over the car, you can be sure that trespassers will not see what’s inside because the windows are covered. The cover is thick due to its three layer construction.

The thickness helps in keeping scratches and water at bay. In fact, the cover shields your car from dust, bird droppings, snow, ultra violet sun rays and silt matter that comes with acid rain. Protection against these stains ensures that the paint on your car remains intact which helps in maintaining the condition of the automobile.

The Motor Trend All Weather Waterproof Premium Car Cover allows air to circulate in between it and the car. This feature prevents the paint from wearing out due to condensation. Moreover, the cover features a smooth lining that reduces the chances of scratching the car surface.

With the cover in place, you can have peace of mind because the hot sun will not cause the car paint to fade. Even kids can play around the car without damaging anything. This is because the cover takes in all the damages that are directed towards the car.

Regardless of that, the cover is bound to last for many years due to the inclusion of double stitching in the seams. The seams can therefore withstand being stretched. The hems offer a snug fit because they are designed to be flexible. You can therefore fix and remove the cover in a matter of minutes without requiring a helping hand. When the weather becomes nasty, you can restrain the cover using tie down grommets and a rope.

Other than protecting your car from bad weather conditions, the grommets helps in preventing unauthorized access. There is no excuse for leaving your car cover behind when travelling out of town. The package comes with a convenient storage bag.


  • Cheap
  • Free shipping
  • Three layer fabric construction
  • Light weight
  • 185 inch long


  • Water proof
  • Double stitched seams
  • Flexible hems
  • Protection against sun light
  • Breathable


  • No driver’s side zip for easy access
  • Requires machine wash


Motor Trend Car Cover is irresistible. The cover is fairly priced and is packaged like a premium product. You don’t have to wait until you return home to cover your car. Whether you are going to work or a camp, you can easily carry the car cover using the provided convenience bag. This guarantees that your car remains free from stains regardless of where your day takes you.

The tie down grommets help in preventing the cover from being blown by strong winds. The seams can hardly tear because they feature double sewing. You don’t have to strain when fixing the cover on your car thanks to its elastic hems that are smoothened to ensure they don’t leave scratch marks.


There are various car covers that can be compared with Motor Trend Car Cover. They include Xtremecoverpro Car Cover and Safstar Full Car Cover. Xtremecoverpro Car Cover comes with pockets for the side mirrors that help in keeping them dust free. Besides that, the cover is 100 percent breathable which means it allows air and humidity to move freely in and out.

With this feature the car finish can’t be damaged by mildew and condensation. Even the ultra violet rays of the sun can’t reach the body because the cover offers a thick shield. The hems have been elasticized so that you can fix and remove the cover stress free. In case of strong winds, you can tame the cover by tying it at the bottom with a rope and grommets.

On the other hand, Safstar Full Car Cover comes with an outer membrane that helps in preventing water and snow from entering into the interior. Additionally, the cover prevents dirt such as dust, animal droppings and leaves from sticking on the body of the car. The cover features a smooth lining on the inner side that guarantees a smooth installation.

The hems can’t scratch the car paint because they are made to be flexible. High winds should not be a problem because you can tighten the cover with tie down grommets and a rope. Adding a lock enhances the security of your car because no one can remove the cover without opening the lock. The other advantage is that the cover features side mirror pouches.


All the credit goes to Motor Trend All Weather Waterproof Premium Car Cover. The cover features a thickness of three layers that help in resisting water, snow, animal droppings and other stains. You can use the cover even when you are far from home because it comes with a carrying bag. The downside is that it requires machine wash. Xtremecoverpro Car Cover is the second best deal in the list.

The cover comes with pockets that protect the side mirror from dust and other stains. The downside is that you can’t wash it with bare hands because it requires machine wash. Safstar Full Car Cover is at the bottom of this ranking.  The cover comes with double stitched hems and can resist all weather conditions. The downside is that the cover comes without a carrying bag.

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