Mazda Miata Car Cover Review


Debuting at the 1989 Chicago Auto Show, the Mazda MX-5 Miata took the world by storm. Lightweight, balanced and high tech, the Miata became a hit not only with everyday drivers but also car collectors.

Where you have collectible cars, you have car covers. In this in-depth review, we walk through everything you need to know to find the perfect Mazda Miata Car Cover.

Our #1 overall pick, the Covercraft Custom Fit Noah, is one of the absolute best available on the market today. Quality materials, tailored fit, all weather protection and rave reviews, the Noah has it all.

Our focus in this review is on custom fit car covers. Universal fit car covers run 50% to 80% cheaper. If you need a more affordable option, check out our review of the best universal fit car covers.


Mazda Miata Car Cover Review

Car covers come in both indoor and outdoor varieties. Outdoor car covers protect against all the elements, while indoor car covers primarily protect against dust, condensation and falling objects in crowded garages. 

We review our top picks in each segment.

Best Outdoor Mazda Miata Car Cover

Our #1 Pick: Covercraft Custom Fit Noah

The Covercraft Noah is a custom fit car cover. The Noah is a premium product and has been a best seller for many years.

Covercraft Custom Fit Noah
4 Layers of premium fabric. Custom Fit. Enhanced UV protection. Fabric made in the U.S.A. Reinforced grommets for added security. 4 year warranty.

Noah is distinguished by its, high-performance fabric manufactured by Kimberly Clark.  It has 4 layers, each with a unique function:

  • 2 outer layers of bi-component, spunbond fabric coated with UV inhibitors to resist weather and UV radiation 
  • A barrier of stretchy film to prevent moisture from touching your car
  • A fleecy inner layer to protect paint.

The UV inhibitors have two purposes.  They keep cars cool by reflecting sunlight.  They also prevent UV radiation from deteriorating the outer layer, which makes the Noah last longer than regular covers.

Construction and workmanship are top notch. For example, seams are overlapped and double-stitched to prevent tears and leakage.

Coverking Noah Overlapped Double Stitched Seams

The Noah offers excellent protection for your MX-5.  Dust, snow and moisture resistance are among the very best in the segment.

We rate the Covercraft Noah as follows for protection and functionality:

Covercraft Custom Fit Noah Performance Profile

Fit is also excellent. In addition to being made to measure, there are elastic hems in the front and rear to keep the cover snug. There are also side grommets to support strap-and-cable systems for a tighter fit in windy or stormy weather.

Installation is easy, and not all that different from a bedsheet. Simply roll the car cover from back to front. Secure the elastic hem under the front bumper. Make sure the mirror pockets are aligned. Stretch tight from the rear and pull down over the rear bumper.

The manufacturer video provides a simple walkthrough.

Reasons to Buy

  • Best price to performance ratio on the market today
  • 4 layers of premium fabric made by Kimberly Clark 
  • Excellent dust, moisture and ding resistance
  • UV inhibitors prevent fabric breakdown and extend useful life
  • Machine washable in a commercial washers (read instructions)
  • 4 year warranty 
  • Made in the U.S.A..

Reasons Not to Buy

  • Premium price relative to universal fit budget car covers.

The Covercraft Custom Fit Noah may be the pound-for-pound champ on the market and is definitely worthy of being our best overall.

Our #2 Pick: Coverking Custom Car Cover – Stormproof 

Covercraft’s big rival is Coverking. Confusing, right? The Coverking Custom Stormproof is another top-of-the-line alternative.

Coverking Custom Stormproof Car Cover
Outstanding outdoor protection. 14 color choices. Very tight, custom fit. Seamless construction. 4 year warranty. 30 day return policy.

The Stormproof is a relatively lightweight car cover that offers excellent outdoor protection. Coverking uses large pieces of fabric with as few seams as possible.

Coverking car cover few seams

This helps maintain the structural integrity of the car cover and extends the useful life. This is one of the many reasons they offer a robust 4 year warranty.

We would summarize the Stormproof’s protection profile as very good on every dimension except door dings. Because it has fewer layers, it is mildly more susceptible to dings. We would rate it as follows:

  • Water resistance (4 out of 5)
  • UV rays (4 out of 5)
  • Breathability (4 out of 5)
  • Dust (4 out of 5)
  • Bird and tree droppings (4 out of 5)
  • Inner-lining softness (4 out of 5)
  • Door dings (2 out of 5).

The Stormproof comes in 14 amazing colors, including several two-tone options. In our opinion, it is the most stylish outdoor car cover available to MX-5 owners.


Stormproof car cover color choices


Reasons to Buy

  • Most stylish outdoor car cover available 
  • 14 amazing color choices including 6 two-tones
  • Rave reviews for really tight, true custom fit
  • Very soft inner lining that protects car paint
  • Excellent breathability (prevents mildew)
  • Seamless construction 
  • 4 year warranty and 30 day return policy.

Reasons Not to Buy

  • Premium price relative to the Noah
  • Only moderate door ding protection.

The Coverking Custom Stormproof is a great choice, especially if style is important.

Our #3 Pick: Covercraft Custom Fit Technalon Evolution

Our last top pick is another entry from Covercraft. The Technalon Evolution is an excellent all around car cover, although with a slightly different profile from the Noah.

No products found.

Given that we have two Covercraft models among our top picks, it’s reasonable to ask about the differences. If UV and door dings are your biggest concern, consider the Technalon. Otherwise, we recommend the Noah.

Reasons to Buy

  • Premium brand 
  • Highest UV protection rating 
  • Excellent ding protection 
  • Machine washable in a commercial washers (read instructions)
  • Usually around 15% cheaper than the Noah
  • 4 year warranty.

Reasons Not to Buy

  • Slightly less protection on rain, snow
  • Fabric stiffer than some other car covers.

If you want a premium car cover and live in hot climates and/or park in tight spaces, the Technalon Evolution is definitely a car to consider.


Best Indoor Mazda Miata Car Cover

When it comes to indoor car covers the difference between custom fit and universal fit is not as large as with outdoor car covers. Why? Because these covers are usually made out of a stretchy synthetic material that can be, well, stretched. The main argument for a custom fit indoor car cover is the mirror pockets. 

Our #1 Indoor Pick: Coverking Custom Car Cover – Stormproof 

Okay, we will admit it. We love the Coverking Satin Stretch because it looks amazing! Seriously, have you every seen a better looking car cover?

Coverking Custom Fit Satin Stretch
Outstanding indoor protection. 23 color choices. Ultra-plush fleece inner lining. Very tight, custom fit. Seamless construction. 1 year warranty. 30 day return policy.

The Satin Stretch is made with 2 layers. A synthetic outer layer that protects against dust and scratches from falling items in cluttered garages. An ultra-plush fleece inner lining breathes so that any condensation evaporates. It also will not scratch your car’s thin layer of clear coat.

The fit is very snug thanks to the elastic hems in the front and back and the form fitting lycra fabric. The two layer design also provides excellent protection.

We rate the Satin Stretch as follows:

  • Dust protection (5 out of 5)
  • Scratches (5 out of 5)
  • Breathability or condensation protection (4 out of 5).

Reasons to Buy

  • Premium brand
  • Best looking indoor car cover on the market in our opinion
  • Outstanding fit
  • Best available dust and scratch protection 
  • Rave reviews across multiple online sellers
  • 23 color choices
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 1 year warranty.

Reasons Not to Buy

  • Indoor car covers do not have long term warranties like outdoor covers
  • Premium price.

Did we mention the Coverking Satin Stretch is good looking? Here’s one last look.

green and black coverking satin car cover


If you are interested in a more affordable indoor car cover, it would need to be a universal fit model. We recommend the Budge Soft Stretch which comes in red, grey and black.



A Mazda MX-5 is an iconic car that is worth protecting, whether you have an original 1989 model or brand new one. We have profiled several of the best custom fit car covers available on the market today. 

Our #1 rated, the Covercraft Noah, is tried and true. It is attractively priced and gets excellent reviews, which make it the price-to-performance leader in the segment. 

Covercraft Custom Fit Noah
4 Layers of premium fabric. Custom Fit. Enhanced UV protection. Fabric made in the U.S.A. Reinforced grommets for added security. 4 year warranty.

For those that garage their cars, the amazing Coverking Satin Stretch is hard to beat. 

If  you want to protect your precious MX-5 indoors or outdoors, the Noah and Satin Stretch are definitely worthy of your consideration.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Are car covers machine washable?

Some are and some are not. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions. Car covers that are treated with external UV inhibitors usually can only be hand washed. The agitator in washing machines will damage the inhibitors. The Noah and Technalon Evolution are machine washable in machines that don’t have central agitators.

Even then, we would still recommend hand washing. An easy way to wash a car cover is to do it while it’s on the car. Just use a soft brush and a gentle soap. It can dry right on the car. To wash the interior lining, just turn the cover inside out and repeat the process.

Can I use an indoor car cover outdoors and vice versa?

You absolutely should NOT use an indoor model for outdoor protection. They have no UV treatment and would begin to deteriorate quickly. You CAN use an outdoor car cover indoors. However, outdoor car covers are bulkier and not well suited for tight spaces. Most people find it far better to use purpose-made indoor covers for indoors.

Are car covers really “waterproof?”

We address this in every related article. Almost 100% of manufacturers claim their product is “waterproof.” In practice, 0% actually are and nor should they be. In humid climates condensation forms underneath the car cover no matter how tight the fit. A true waterproof model (for example, a rubber tarp) would not allow trapped moisture to evaporate. The result would be very harmful mold and mildew.

So, car covers have to be a little bit porous to be “breathable.” Generally, they prevent most moisture from penetrating, but a heavy enough rain will soak through the breathable layer and get to your car (hence the claim should be “moisture resistant”). That said, top of the line car covers are so good these days that most rainstorms cause no problems at all.

How long should I expect my car cover to last?

Our rule of thumb is 2 years for budget car covers and 4 to 5+ years for premium car covers, like the ones we reviewed in this article. It is clearly a function of the climate where you live and how many hours/days your car is parked outdoors. Always remember, your $200 car cover is taking abuse from the elements so your $30,000+ car doesn’t have to.

Is spending a little extra for a custom fit car cover worth it? 

In our opinion, the answer is a solid “yes.” Custom fit models last longer, provide better protection and will not scratch your paint even in bad weather. Oh yeah, they also look much better. Compared to the investment you make in a new car, the cost of a custom fit Mazda Miata car cover is a drop in the bucket.

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