Leader Accessories Universal Fit Car Cover Review

There are currently more than 300 customer reviews on Amazon for Leader Accessories Universal Fit Car Cover. The cover doesn’t pose any threat to the environment because it’s made from biodegradable material. The cover is very durable thanks to its three layer construction. This cover is in deed economical due to its affordability. It’s actually a low budget car cover that comes with top of the range features.

Besides that, it’s roomy enough to fit on any car whose length doesn’t exceed 200 inches. When your car is under this cover, it’s protected from the hot sun that often causes the color of the body to fade.

Moreover, bird droppings and scratches will be a thing of the past. The material of the cover is designed to be resistant to water and snow. This gives you peace of mind because you can leave your car outside and still find it dry and clean without any dust. When you cover your car regularly with this cover, it saves you from the hustle of having to clean it after just a few uses. Even the silt matter and acid rain is kept at bay by this car cover.

The other advantage is that the car cover is breathable. The circulation of air between the cover and the car body helps in preventing mildew. This ensures that any water that’s on the surface of the car body evaporates naturally without being stopped by the cover.

Additionally, the Leader Accessories Universal Fit Car Cover comes with double stitched hems. These reinforcements make the cover to be tough. It can therefore take whatever you throw at it. The cover also plays a vital role in securing your car. Since no one can see through the windows and the windscreen, there are zero chances of your car being broken into.

Fixing and removing the cover can never be cumbersome.  In fact, you can do it on your own because the cover comes with elastic hems that offer a snug fit. In case of bad weather, you can tie the cover at the bottom using grommets and a rope to ensure it remains intact during strong winds. You can even fasten it with a lock to ensure it can’t be removed by unauthorized persons.

The deal includes a storage bag so that you don’t have an excuse for leaving the car behind when travelling. Besides that, the car cover comes with a one year warranty so that you can return it in case it doesn’t function as specified. You can’t therefore go wrong with this cover because it’s secured by a limited time warranty.


  • 1 year warranty
  • Cheap
  • Three layers construction
  • Soft and light
  • Supports Hatchbacks, crossovers cars, sedans, SUVs, jeeps and pickups
  • Storage bag

Leader Accessories Universal Fit



  • Supports tie down grommets
  • Supports fastening rope
  • Rugged top
  • Double stitched seams
  • Elastic hems
  • 200 inches long
  • Antenna reinforcement patch
  • Breathable



  • Requires machine wash
  • No Driver’s side zip for easy access


Leader Accessories Car Cover is a reliable product that’s worth buying. With this cover, your car will remain scratch free regardless of where you leave it. Even the weather can’t do any damage because there are grommets and a rope for restraining the cover when weather goes on rampage.

Even when you park your car for a long time like a month or so, there will be no dust or any kind of staining on the body or the interior. You don’t have until when you get home to use the cover because you can take it with you thanks to the convenience storage bag.


If you are looking for variety, you can opt for either Duck Covers Car Cover or XCar Car Cover. Duck Covers Car Cover comes with a 4 year limited time warranty. The cover fits on any automobile that’s not longer than 210 inches. It’s soft on the inner side to ensure it doesn’t scratch the paint of the car body.

The cover is breathable which means it allows condensation to take place smoothly. The cover is resistant to water and snow. Moreover, the seams are coated with water proof material. A snug fit is guaranteed by the flexible hems. You can tame the cover during extreme weather conditions by fastening it with grommets and a rope. There is also a storage bag.

XCar Car Cover supports automobiles that are 228 inches long. The cover comes with an antenna patch and a cable for tying it when there are high winds. You also get a free lock that prevents unauthorized access. The cover is designed to be resistant to water and snow.

Besides that, it doesn’t interfere with condensation. The seams feature double stitching to ensure it doesn’t tear in the long run. There is a bag for transporting the cover when on the go. The hems are made to be elastic so that you can fix it stress free.


All the credit goes to Leader Accessories Universal Fit Car Cover. The cover is spacious and comes with double stitched hems. It’s actually the cheapest deal in the list. The downside is that it requires machine wash and lacks driver’s side zip for easy access. Besides that, the lock, grommets and cable are sold separately.

Duck Covers Car Cover is the second best deal. It has the longest warranty period of 4 years. It also features a storage bag that makes it easier to carry the cover. The downside is that it lacks an antenna patch and requires machine wash. XCar Car Cover is at the bottom of this list. The cover comes with double stitching and features flexible hems for easier installations. The downside is that it lacks a driver’s side zip for easy access.


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