Ford Mustang Car Cover Reviews

From 007 to Bullitt, the Ford Mustang has played a special role in the hearts of car lovers everywhere.  As the inspiration for the “pony car” class of American muscle cars, it is truly an icon.


Mustangs have been prized by collectors since the very first model in 1964.  Owners have always wanted to protect their Ponies, and car covers are a key part of their car care arsenal.

When selecting a car cover, the quality of fabric, softness of the inner lining, fit and “breathability” are the most important considerations.  For everything you need to know, consult our car cover buying guide, one of the most comprehensive resources on the web.

Another thing to consider is where and how you park.  Drivers who park indoors really only have to worry about dust, moisture condensation and scratches from excitable pets or falling objects.

Drivers who park outdoors have a lot more concerns.  First there’s all the weather elements – UV rays, rain, snow, dust and even, hail.  Couple that with thieves, bird poo and polluted urban air, and your car could be forgiven for feeling under continuous assault.

Not to worry though.  We have rounded up some of the absolute best Mustang car covers to save the day.  Included are a nice balance of indoor-outdoor covers that range in price from budget to ultra-premium.

Let’s see what they are.

Product Comparison Table

We have selected five of the best for your review and consideration.

Car CoverModelUsageLayers of FabricPriceASA Rating
Xtrashield Black
Light outdoor
SR1 Performance
Ultraguard Plus
Light outdoor
Coverking Custom Fit
Autobody Armor
Heavy duty outdoor
OxGord Custom Fit
Indoor Car Cover
Indoor only2$4.3
SR1 Ultraguard
Stretch Satin Indoor
Indoor only2$$$$4.9

The Best Mustang Car Covers

CarsCover Xtrashield Black

The CarsCover Xtrashield Black is a very stylish indoor-light outdoor car cover for 2015-2018 Mustangs.  It is a custom fit model with tailored mirror pockets.  Elastic hems in the front and rear keep the cover snug, earning rave reviews from customers.

For 1994-2004 models look here and 2005-2014 here.

The Xtrashield is made out of two layers of fabric designed to provide maximum protection against dust and more than adequate protection from the sun and damaging UV rays.

This car cover is not waterproof and only repels light levels of moisture.  It does however have excellent breathability, and any moisture that does penetrate will evaporate quickly before mold or mildew can take root.

It also provides excellent protection against tree leaves and bird droppings.  The downside of its very stylish black color is that it will show debris and dust more easily.

We would rate the Xtrashield’s overall performance as follows:

  • Dust (5 out of 5)
  • Sun/UV (4 out of 5)
  • Snow (2 out of 5)
  • Rain (2 out of 5)
  • Breathability (5 out of 5)
  • Ding protection (3 out of 5)
  • Bird/tree droppings (4 out of 5).

The Xtrashield is not machine washable.  The manufacturer recommends washing it with a hose and letting it dry naturally.  It does come with side grommets and a buckle and strap system for extra security.  A sturdy free storage bag is included as well.

Who is the Xtrashield best suited for?  Anyone who wants to stand out from the gray and tan covers you see everywhere; anyone who needs great indoor protection and occasional outdoor protection; and anyone on a budget.

SR1 Performance Ultraguard Plus

The SR1 Ultraguard Plus is a two-tone gray and black cover and one of the best looking on the market.  Made for indoor and light outdoor usage, the SR1 is a custom fit car cover that perfectly fits the contours of 2015-2018 Mustangs.  SR1 makes covers for older models as well as a red and black option.Made out of 210 Denier polyester on the outer layer and an excellent soft cotton inner layer.  The outer layer is coated to reflect sunlight and repel moisture.  Cotton is considered the best material for inner linings ranking ahead of nylon fleece, poly cotton blends and polypropylene.

We would rate its performance as follows:

  • Dust (5 out of 5)
  • Sun/UV (4 out of 5)
  • Snow (3 out of 5)
  • Rain (2 out of 5)
  • Breathability (5 out of 5)
  • Ding protection (3 out of 5)
  • Bird/tree droppings (4 out of 5).

The SR1 is machine washable with cold water in machines without agitators.  Hanging it out to air dry is recommended.  The manufacturer also recommends using a microfiber wash mitt if you prefer to hand wash.  Simply use the mitt and cold soapy water to clean the cover and hose off.

Nice added features include a storage bag and tags labelling the front and back to make installation quicker and easier.  In fact, this cover is known for being easy to install, usually taking around 1 minute.

With a 1-year warranty, a great 90-day money back guarantee and outstanding reviews, it’s hard to go wrong with the SR1 Ultraguard Plus.

Who is the SR1 best suited for?  Style mavens and anyone who needs great top-of-the-line indoor protection and outdoor protection when it’s not raining heavily.

Coverking Custom Fit Autobody Armor

The two covers we’ve reviewed so far have been for outdoor use in moderate climates.  What if you live where you need max protection for your car?  For example, having to deal with UV radiation if the Sunbelt or rain in the Deep South or along the coasts.

The Autobody Armor from the venerable Coverking may just be the answer.  It is made with three layers of fabric.  These include a woven polyester outer lining, a middle polyurethane layer for added moisture resistance and a very soft fleece inner lining.

Other nice construction features befitting an ultra-premium car cover include double-stitched seams, water-resistant wax threading and reliance on as few seams as possible to maintain the integrity of the material.

We would rate this Autobody Armor as a “max protect” type of cover:

  • Dust (5 out of 5)
  • Sun/UV (5 out of 5)
  • Snow (5 out of 5)
  • Rain (5 out of 5)
  • Breathability (4 out of 5)
  • Ding protection (4 out of 5)
  • Bird/tree droppings (5 out of 5).

Made to measure in California, the Autobody is designed specifically for Mustangs.  Elastic hems at the front and rear tighten up the bottom to avoid dust and debris from entering underneath.  Despite having the elastic hems, Coverking recommends strapping the cover down in high winds using straps and the installed grommets.

Machine washing is not recommended.  Simply wash with cold soapy water. To clean the lining, install the cover inside-out and rinse with a hose.

As a demonstration of the manufacturer’s confidence, a 30-day return window and a 5-year warranty are included with each and every car cover.

Who is the Autobody Armor car cover best suited for?  Anyone who lives in a challenging climate or anyone who wants max protection for their Mustang.

OxGord Custom Fit Indoor Car Cover

Okay, let’s do a 180.  We just talked about an ultra-premium, extreme outdoor car cover.  How about a quality, indoor-only, ultra-budget cover?

The OxGord Custom Fit Indoor car cover is literally one of the most affordable on the market.

Made with two layers of Spunbond woven polypropylene, the OxGord provides solid dust protection and good breathability.  As an inner lining, polypropylene is considered good but is not as soft as cotton or nylon fleece.

We would rate the OxGord Mustang car cover as follows:

  • Dust (4.5 out of 5)
  • Breathability (4 out of 5)
  • Scratch protection (3 out of 5)
  • Rain, sun, snow, dings, etc. (n/a).

It is lightweight and easy to install, making it perfect for indoor use. Fit is good, although perhaps not as contoured as one might expect from a car cover with “custom fit” in its name.

Despite its budget-friendly price, it comes with all the expected extras – elastic hems, security grommets, antenna patch and a draw-string storage bag.

Super easy to install with the best price point on the market, the OxGord has many fans.  It is definitely worth consideration.

Who is the OxGord best suited for?  This one is easy.  Anyone who parks indoors and is on a tight budget.

SR1 Ultraguard Stretch Satin Indoor

We end our roundup with a beautiful, truly premium indoor car cover, the SR1 Ultraguard Stretch Satin Indoor.

It comes in red or black and was designed for a sleek look with few seams and a very tight contouring fit.  The material is stretchy and fits with no wrinkles or sagging.

The SR1 Stretch provides excellent dust protection and great breathability so that moisture evaporates quickly.  Mold and mildew are unlikely to ever be an issue. While not a thick cover, it will prevent the vast majority of scratches that happen in home garages (pets, accidents).

We would rate the SR1 Satin Stretch car cover as follows:

  • Dust (5 out of 5)
  • Breathability (5 out of 5)
  • Scratch protection (4.5 out of 5)
  • Rain, sun, snow, dings, etc. (n/a).

It is also machine washable in cold water, and air drying is recommended.  Like its Ultraguard cousin, it can also be washed with cold soapy water and a microfiber wash mitt.

Included are a nice quality storage bag and 1-year warranty.  As far as indoor covers go, this one is hard to beat.

Who is the SR1 Stretch best suited for?  Anyone who wants a sexy looking car cover that’s as close to “as good as it gets” for indoor protection.


We have presented five different car covers that are all excellent in their own ways.  You cannot go wrong with any of them as long as you correctly match the properties of a particular cover with your needs (e.g., don’t use an indoor cover outdoors).

In terms of looks, price and practical usability the SR1 Performance Ultraguard Plus is our top choice.  It works indoors and outdoors, looks great and is machine washable.  That’s a tough combination to beat.

If you have a tighter budget the CarsCover Xtrashield is a very good performer at roughly half the price.

For drivers needing max protection due to the climate where they live, the Coverking Autobody Armor is the clear choice.  However, the premium protection it offers comes with a premium price tag.

If you primarily park indoors, the SR1 Stretch is an outstanding choice that gets rave reviews.  It is one of our favorite car covers of any type.  If you’re on a tight budget, the OxGord is a no-brainer.  While it cannot match the sexiness or the level of paint protection of the SR1, it works and it’s affordable.

Hopefully, this review has given you some new possibilities about the best Mustang car covers.  Do your car and yourself a favor and start protecting it with a top-quality car cover.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q&A Vector photo

Do I need both indoor and outdoor car covers?

No, especially with the SR1 Ultraguard or the Xtrashield.  That said, some drivers prefer having a separate indoor cover because they are easier to install and keep clean.  It’s literally a matter of preference.

Can I use my indoor car cover outdoors?

No, don’t even think about it.  True, it’s not the end of the world if your car sits outdoors for a few hours while you clean your garage.  However, indoor car covers do not repel moisture well, and the sun degrades them much more quickly than outdoor covers with built-in UV protection.

Are the better quality outdoor car covers waterproof?

Not completely.  No “breathable” car cover is ever 100% waterproof in extreme rainy weather.  However, ultra-premium covers like the Autobody Armour are as close as you can get.  For most rainstorms, it will keep your car completely dry.

This question of “being waterproof” comes up so often, we wrote a whole separate article about it.

Is spending a few extra dollars’ worth it to get a better car cover?

We believe so, especially if your car is not garaged the majority of the time.  Read our survey on the threats your car faces every day.  If your car is new or collectible, it should be an easy decision.

How do I think about the premium SR1 Stretch Indoor versus the OxGord Custom Fit?

Well, we assume you’re asking if the SR1 is worth 6x more than the budget friendly OxGord.  Both will do a good job of keeping the dust off your car indoors.  There are three main differences to point out.  There is a huge gap in terms of looks – one is sleek, with designer red and black colors, and the other is gray and utilitarian.  From a functional standpoint, the SR1 has a much softer inner lining and is machine washable.  Are those three things worth the roughly $100 difference in price?  That’s up to you and what you value.  If your car is valuable, the SR1 Stretch is what we personally prefer.

All these car covers have elastic hems.  Do I still need to strap them down?

The two indoor models do not need to be strapped down.  If it’s really windy, you will want to strap down outdoor car covers as they can either blow completely off or at a minimum, flap against your paint.  In the latter case, any dust on the inner lining could (lightly) scratch your paint.

Do I need to purchase any accessories with these car covers?

All five come with included storage bags.  There are three other accessories to consider.  One is a strap and buckle system to secure the cover via the installed grommets.  Second is a lock and cable system. Generally, you want a rubber coated cable to avoid scratching paint.  The last accessory to consider is a microfiber mitt for washing car covers that are not suitable for washing machines.



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