Do Car Covers Work

Do Car Covers Work

Have you ever come across an old car that looks like it has just been bought from the showroom? I bet you have. What you didn’t know is that the owner was disciplined enough to store it under a cover. A car that’s never covered is vulnerable to all kinds of punishment.

The stains actually make the paint job look pathetic. In fact, it causes the value of your car to depreciate faster. This is because the potential buyers will definitely look at the finish quality and if it requires to be repainted, they will buy the car at a low price.

Dents and Scratches

If you thought that your car can only get dents and scratches while on the road, you are dead wrong. The truth is that your highly valued automobile can get damages without having to move even a single inch from the parking lot.

Finding your car with scratches that you can’t account for is disgusting. Every car owner wants their car to remain free from scratches but only a few are willing to invest in a car cover. The cover is actually cheap because their cost is less than what you stand to spend when repairing the dents.

When the cover is fixed on your car, there is an extra protective layer that takes all the scratches and dents. There are some brands that come with reflective parts. Such covers are highly recommended for street parking because they enhance the visibility of your car. This is because your car can be hit by rogue drivers that are under the influence of alcohol.

Animal Droppings and Dirt

Everyone like parking their vehicles under a tree because it offers natural barrier against the scorching sun. But what most motorists don’t know is that leaving your car under a tree is like taking yourself to the slaughter house. This is because trees are occupied by birds and other animals. It’s obvious that such animals will defecate from the top of the tree. All those droppings will land on your vehicle.

The damage that such droppings can do to your car can not be measured. Just like human poop, animal waste is also toxic and can therefore wear out the car finish within a few days. It’s therefore important to cover you’re your car.

If the cover is in place, the stains will be absorbed by the cover which is much easier to clean. Besides that, dirt such as dust tends to stick on the body of the car. This dirt builds up and becomes abrasion that develops into scratches.

Discourage Thieves

If your car is not cautioned by a cover, everyone can see what’s inside and with time, thugs will be tempted to break in and steal your valuables. Cars that are left covered are rarely broken into. This is because thieves don’t have the guts when they don’t know exactly what is inside the car.

Some covers come with multiple layers of construction. It’s very difficult to cut through such a cover. Besides that, removing a cover that has been locked with a pad lock is cumbersome is bound to attract the attention of passersby.

Protection against Extreme Weather

Bad weather can easily damage your vehicle if it’s not covered. Strong winds tend to blow debris that can scratch you car finish. Acid rain in particular is very dangerous. Just like its name suggests, the water contains toxic waste that reacts with the paintjob to result in a rusty outlook.

When the downpour is acidic, the salt in the water reacts with the car body. These damages can be avoided by covering your car regardless of whether you park it in the street or the home compound.

The cover should be fastened with tie down grommets and a rope to make sure it remains unmoved when the winds get rough. Moreover, a snug fit cover is the best because it doesn’t leave any gaps for wind to penetrate.

Most covers that fit perfectly feature elastic hems. It’s also to measure the size of your car before making your order. This helps in ensuring that you don’t buy an oversize car cover. If you are not sure about the size of your car in terms of length, it’s  recommended that you go for a universal fit car cover.

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