Classic Accessories 10-010-051001-00 OverDrive PolyPro I Car Cover Review

Classic Accessories Sedan Car Cover needs no introduction. With more than 800 customer reviews on Amazon, the cover has proved to be a game changer. The cover can fit any car that’s in the range of 191 to 210 inches long. The cover is therefore ideal for sedans because they tend to be longer than other types of cars. The cover is fairly priced which makes it affordable to most motorists.

It’s amazing how such a low budget cover can save you from paying huge sums of money in the name of routine maintenance services. The cover can last for many years because it’s made from a thick fabric material. However, the material is very soft. This means that it can’t wear out the paint on the body of the car. The good thing about this cover is that it offers an all-round protection to your car.

From the rear to the front and from the top to the bottom, all the parts including the side mirrors are safe from dust and debris. You can carry the car cover to wherever you are going using the convenience storage bag.

The Classic Accessories Sedan Car Cover comes with double stitched seams that make it withstand external pressure. Besides that, the cover has an antenna patch and elastic hems. With such hems, fixing the cover is pretty simple. This is because the cover can stretch as far as you want.

The cover offers unrivaled protection from dust, bird droppings, scratches, snow and water. With this cover your car you can be certain that the paint on the body will remain free from scratches.

Even when there are naughty kids in your home or pets, they won’t be able to stain the car in any way. And that’s not all. Thieves will not be tempted to steal the stuff in your car. This is due to the fact that they can’t see through the covered windows. The other advantage is that you can fasten the cover with tie down grommets and a rope.

The grommets have smooth edges that can’t scratch the surface of the car body. This helps in containing the cover when there are strong winds. It also prevents unauthorized persons from entering your car.  The cover comes with a two year warranty. You can therefore get a replacement without spending extra cash if the cover gets damaged before the expiry of the warranty.


  • Cheap
  • Free shipment
  • Soft and light weight
  • Covers 191 to 210 inches long
  • 2 year warranty


  • Carrying bag
  • Non scratch tie down grommets
  • Antenna reinforced patch
  • Elasticized hem corners
  • Water and ice resistant


  • Requires machine to clean
  • Rope and locking system sold separately


Classic Accessories Sedan Car Cover is your ultimate motoring companion. With this cover, you don’t have to worry about acid rain and other stains that degrade the quality of your car finish. You can therefore store your car for a long time and it will still be clean. The cover provides maximum protection from ultra violet rays of the sun. The cover features elastic corners that simplify the task of fixing and removing it.


Classic Accessories Sedan Car Cover is a masterpiece. However, there are other elegant covers that can be compared with it. They include the likes of Brightent Car Cover and Copap Car Cover. Just from its outlook, you can tell that Brightent Car Cover is made from water proof material.

The cover guarantees maximum defense from dust, silt and other types of stains. You don’t have to fold the side mirrors when storing your car. This is because the cover comes with pouches specifically designed to accommodate side mirrors. The hems are also designed to be elastic for ease of use.

In case of bad weather, you can tighten the cover at the base using some tie down grommets and a rope. The seams are sewed twice to make them strong. The package comes with a storage bag.

Copap Car Cover comes with flexible hems. Fixing the cover is like child’s play. You just need to pick one end of the cover and roll it over. The cover fits snugly due to the inclusion of the elastic hems. The cover shields your car from strong winds, bird droppings, dust and water. Although the cover is tough on stains, it’s very gentle on the car body. This means you can never have any instances of scratching.

Even if someone tried to scratch the car, the cover would take all the punishment. The cover can be fastened at the bottom using a rope and tie down grommets. There is a storage bag for transporting the bag when you are going out of town.


The Classic Accessories Sedan Car Cover is the best deal in this list. It comes with a bag that’s handy for carrying the cover to wherever you are going. The down side is that it’s not easy to clean. Brightent Car Cover is the second best deal. It comes with pouches for the side mirrors and features elastic hems. The downside is that it requires machine wash.

Copap Car Cove r is at the bottom of this ranking. It’s fairly priced and comes with tie down grommets. The downside is that you can’t wash it manually without a machine.

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