Car Capsule Reviews

What do you do when you want to maintain a showroom shine 365 days a year?  Buy a CarCapsule of course.

Although beloved by collectors and enthusiasts since 1991, car capsules are not well known in the broader car community.

If you’re not familiar with them, don’t worry.  Our extensive 2019 car capsule reviews are just what you need.

What is a CarCapsule?

Car capsules are inflatable cocoons with installed fans to remove dust and humidity.  They are primarily used for longer term storage.  The goal is not just to keep a car clean, but pristine.

Made out of a tough PVC material with welded seams, they can prevent even very large objects from damaging your car. One tester even threw a 20 pound wheel at the capsule, and it repelled it easily.

No metal is used anywhere to avoid scratches. Even the zippers are made out of nylon. 

CarCapsule (all one word) is the company that makes these products.  Here’s the product in action with a beautiful red Aston Martin.

Car Capsule Reviews

Below is our detailed review.

Best Indoor CarCapsule

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Note: extra long (22 foot) and tall (80 inches vs. 68 inches) options are available here.

The indoor CarCapsule is designed to keep cars looking just like they do after a trip to you local detailing shop.  They protect against dust, mildew (which leads to corrosion) and pests of all kinds.

They also protect against the two biggest accidents in garages: dings from falling items and scratches from excitable pets.

There are five key features that stand out about the CarCapsule.

  1. Evaporative Storage Technology (EST) which circulates out old air 3-4 times every hour. This keeps the temperature constant and moisture / condensation out.
  2. Thick PVC Denier fabric with radio frequency welded seams. Once inflated, falling tools, ladders, brooms, etc., will not harm your car.
  3. A tough base mat that is flame, oil, gas, antifreeze, mildew and scratch resistant.
  4. A 100% non-metal, nylon zipper that keeps pests out and will not scratch car paint.
  5. A 150 CFM high pressure fan with washable charcoal filters to keep air clean. Electricity costs are a budget friendly $1.50 per month.

Who Should Buy a CarCapsule 

Anyone who:

  • Is obsessive about keeping their cars immaculate 
  • Has risk factors in their home or garage (e.g., jumping dogs, lots of clutter that could fall, garage is not well sealed)
  • Lives in climates where dust and humidity are problems
  • Doesn’t drive the car in question every day and/or needs long term storage
  • Has a reasonable budget ($400+).


The CarCapsule is a unique product on the market.  It offers the ultimate in indoor car protection at a premium price. 

If you have a great car and want to keep it pristine, this may actually be just what the doctor ordered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I choose the right size?

Measure your car from bumper to bumper and from side to side.  Add 6 inches (minimum) to each measurement and then simply select the appropriate size.

How long does it take to set up?

It varies a bit by user of course.  Most say 30 minutes the first time and then, much faster once you get the hang of it.  5 minutes to roll out the floor, 10 to 15 minutes to move the car and zip everything up, and 5 to 10 minutes to inflate are reasonable estimates.

How would you characterize the protection these provide?

In my opinion, the four biggest indoor risks are:  scratches from pets and falling objects, dust, moisture (condensation) and rodents.  The CarCapsule offers solid protection against each of these risks.

Can these be used outdoors?

CarCapsule makes indoor models and outdoor products.  Be sure which model you are buying.  The indoor models should NOT be used outdoors.  They are not designed to withstand high wind and UV rays.

Are these for long term storage only?

Not necessarily.  However, they are more involved that installing a car cover which takes only 1-2 minutes after a little practice.  If you are driving your car daily, we would recommend a car cover instead.

What happens if my fabric gets damaged?

Quick fixes can be made using basic items like packing tape.  For more extensive damage, contact the manufacturer.

How loud is the fan?

It’s audible, but most customers report not noticing it once they get used to the sound.

Will rodents chew through the fabric?

It’s possible, of course, but there are very few complaints about it.  Many customers claim that the fan noise and slight vibrations in the fabric scare pests away.

Are there accessories sold with the product?

There aren’t many accessories needed. The company does sell a full range of replacement filters and parts if ever needed.

How is the customer feedback?

Customer feedback is excellent on the indoor models. I always like to skim car capsule reviews from customers of major online retailers.  This product has been around a long time and has a very good track record.  Customers love it.

Outdoor car capsules face MUCH tougher environments and don’t get similarly glowing reviews as a result.  Check here for outdoor CarCapsules.








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