Hi, my name is Jack, and I founded Auto Shop Accessories as a site for car lovers. With all the distractions of today’s busy lifestyles, most people, even people who love cars, don’t have time to keep up with all the latest innovations, products, trends and reviews.

Our goal at Auto Shop Accessories is to be a central resource for people who want to learn about cars and do car-related projects themselves.

Our specific objectives are to:

  • Provide the best research and advice from experts on accessories, car safety, detailing and maintenance¬†
  • Communicate in the clearest manner possible (there’s a lot of car jargon and just bad writing on the web that can be confusing and even misleading)
  • Help people take the next step in maintaining and improving their cars for fun and a sense of accomplishment.

If you have any questions or just want to reach out, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me at jack@autoshopaccessories.com.