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Thieves love your car, Mother Nature hates it, and the guy that parks too close to you is utterly indifferent to it.  From being ambushed by sprinklers to dive bombed by birds, the ways for cars and car paint to be abused are many indeed.

That’s a real problem, because for most people their car is the second largest investment they have other than their house.  Car covers can help protect that investment.

Hand with umbrella that protects car.

Car covers may all look alike, but they vary widely in terms of protection, fit, durability and cost.

How do you find the right one?  We have outlined a step-by-step approach to help you find the perfect choice for both you and your car.

Step 1: Understand the Benefits of Using Car Covers

Car covers protect your car in many ways, some obvious and some not.  Specifically, they:

  • Keep car paint from fading and oxidizing
  • Protect against dents and scratches
  • Prevent dust from collecting and “sanding” your paint
  • Block substances that can chemically alter your paint (bird poo, tree sap)
  • Maintain car interiors (e.g. dashboard)
  • Cause car thieves to think twice.

Car covers also make driving more enjoyable.  You know that good feeling you get when you’re driving around in a freshly washed car?  They keep cars cleaner for much longer, prolonging that “feel good” vibe.

Step 2: Be Aware of How Parked Cars Get Damaged

Why is a car cover worth it for most people?  Because, the overwhelming majority of cars are parked outside virtually all the time.  Simply put, they take a lot of abuse.  At Auto Shop Accessories, we recently surveyed frequent drivers in the U.S. The results were pretty eye opening and are summarized in this infographic.

Car damaged while parked title page

A key finding is that 72% of cars are parked outdoor seven days a week.  That means they face non-stop exposure to the elements.  Unfortunately, only 14% of drivers use car covers to protect their cars.  The result is a lot of preventable and very expensive damage.

Key highlights of the survey include:

  • 38% get door dings or scratches – average cost to repair is $650
  • 28% have their cars robbed – average out-of-pocket cost is $1,000
  • 34% bombed with bird poo and 23% with tree leaves and tree sap
  • 17% have paint vandalized with men 30% more likely to be victims.

Where you park, not surprisingly, has a big impact on the type of damage incurred.  Parking lots are the generally riskiest, although it varies.

Step 3: Learn How to Chose the Perfect Cover

What to Look For in a Car Cover

Car covers come in many different varities. For a thorough grounding, check out our Definitive Car Cover Buying Guide.

There are lighter, easy-to-install covers for people who keep their cars garaged full time.  Their primary goal is to prevent dust buildup and accidental scratches. For those that leave their cars outdoors for extended periods of time, heavier, multi-layered car covers are a must.

When evaluating car covers the important product features are:

  • Fit
  • Quality of material
  • Softness of the inner lining
  • Breathability.

How snugly a car cover fits is important.  Loose covers create many problems problems.  One of the biggest is that they allow dirt and debris to get underneath the covers and onto the paint.  Also, with any kind of wind loose-fitting covers rub or “flap” against the paint potentially damaging the outer clear coat.

Custom fit covers are designed for specific makes and model and contour precisely to fit mirrors, antennae, etc.  Universal car covers, on the other hand, are made to fit a wide range of makes and models.  They may or may not fit your particular car well.  Their biggest selling point is a much lower price, which is important.

Gray custom fit car cover
Example Custom Fit Car Cover

Another consideration is quality of material.  Manufacturers use many different kinds of polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon and synthetic covers.  Performance profiles will vary, so be sure to read up on the individual characteristics. Some are great at repelling moisture, others at reflecting UV rays, and some are good at everything.

The other aspect of material quality is the number of layers (usually ranging from 1 to 7).  Having more layers means more protection.  An indoor car cover can get by with 1-3 layers.  A long-term, outdoor car cover used in harsh environments needs max layers and max protection.  More layers also “thicken” covers and provide better dent protection.

Another  very important feature to evaluate is the softness of the inner lining.  You want something that is non-abrasive and will not scratch your paint.  Budget covers often have polypropylene liners which are acceptable, but not the best for premium paint jobs.  Poly-cotton liners are very good, and nylon fleece and especially, cotton are top of the range.

The last feature to look for is “breathability.”  Car covers made out of woven fibers allow cars to “breathe” and let any moisture underneath the cover to evaporate.  This prevents the formation of mildew and corrosion.  Covers with more layers will be less breathable than those with fewer layers.  It’s a tradeoff.

How to Choose the Best Car Cover

Choosing the best car cover in a highly saturated market is not easy. There are hundreds of products making it difficult for anyone but the most fervent aficionados to choose well.

At the highest level, drivers should ask themselves two questions.  What is the climate like where I live?  And, how do I use my car?

The big climate factors are sun/ultra-violet radiation, rain, snow, wind, hail, dust and salty ocean air.  Think about which of these are most prevalent in your climate.  Then it’s a simple matter of matching a cover’s protection profile to your car’s risk profile .  Many manufacturers will have sun ratings, snow ratings, et cetera to help you in this process.

How you use your car is the other important consideration.  We’ve talked about indoor versus outdoor.  If you travel frequently and park for short periods of time, get a light cover that is easy to install.  If you leave your car parked outdoors for long periods of time, a heavy, multi-layered cover is needed.  You may also want a zippered, easy access panel to get into to the car without removing the full cover.

There are car covers to fit virtually every need.  Finding the perfect one just takes a small amount of research and knowledge.

Step 4: Review a Selection of the Best Car Covers

We have highlighted some of the best car covers across a wide array of price points for your consideration.  Let’s dive in.

Best Overall

Our best overall car covers are custom fit, made from high quality fabric and backed with great warranties.  These covers work both indoor and outdoors.  The CarsCover and Coverking can be tailored to fit virtually all leading car and SUV brands.  They have long standing track records of great reviews and are suitable for mainstream and luxury cars.

Car CoverModel UsagePriceASA Rating
CarsCover Custom Fit
5-Layer Ultrashield
(Ford Edge example)
Full outdoor
Coverking Custom Fit
Coverbond 4
(Camaro example)
Moderate outdoor

Note: Because these are custom fit, the above links are to a particular make and model.  Please search for your car by make and model.

Best Budget

We generally consider $40-$50 to be the range for budget car covers.  Most covers at this price point are nothing special, and customers frequently have problems with fit, durability and/or protection (usually, repelling moisture).  The good news is that there are some very good performers at unbeatable prices.  We have identified three of the best.

Car Cover ModelUsage Price ASA Rating
Sedan Waterproof
Moderate outdoor
Solar Shield Breathable
Moderate outdoor
Leader Accessories
Basic Guard 3 Layer
Moderate outdoor

Best Universal

Mainstream universal car covers represent a happy medium and are among the biggest sellers.  Generally, they come in 5-7 different sizes, and you will need to match your car to the right size category.  Most of these covers are made with good quality materials but are cheaper because they are not custom fit.

Below are a handful of top performers for both cars and SUVs.  They offer impressive protection at impressive prices.  Just do your research to make sure they fit your particular make and model well.

Car CoverModelUsagePriceASA Rating
Rain X
Luxury Car Cover
Moderate outdoor
Protector IV
Full outdoor
4 Layer Universal
Moderate outdoor
SUV Executive Stormproof
Full outdoor
Motor Trend
SUV Trueshield
Full outdoor

Best Indoor Universal

Indoor car covers are known for their “stretchy” material and excellent inner-lining softness.  Breathability and dust protection are also key.  Here are two very good performers – one mainstream and one premium.

Car CoverModelUsagePriceASA Rating
Soft Stretch
Indoor only$$$$4.6
Universal Stretch
Indoor only$$$4.2

Step 5: Decide What is Right for You, Your Car and Your Budget

By this point, you should be very well versed in terms of both what makes for a good car cover and what the market has to offer.  You know if you park primarily indoors you need a different car cover than if you park outdoors.  You also know the critical role that a snug fit plays in protecting your car.

We strongly believe that purchasing a high quality car cover makes sense, especially when you consider the relatively low cost of car covers to the much higher investment people have in their cars.  Couple that with other benefits like keeping cars cleaner for longer and lowering car wash bills, and the decision becomes even easier.

We’ve outlined many car covers that are excellent performers and well worth your consideration.  Do your car a favor and purchase one!

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Leader Accessories Universal Fit Car Cover

There are currently more than 500 customer reviews for Leader Accessories Car Cover on Amazon. The good thing about this cover is that it’s a universal fit which means you can use it on any type of a car.

Although the car cover is very cheap, it doesn’t compromise on the needs of the car owner. The cover provides maximum protection from the scorching sun and bad weather. Besides that, the price is inclusive of shipment fee. You therefore don’t have to pay extra money.

The car cover is very durable because it’s made from a biodegradable material. As  a matter of fact, the cover features three layers of construction that’s strong enough to resist water and ice. Even bird droppings can’t reach your car because they only land on the outer layer of the cover.

The cover comes with elastic hem at the bottom which simplifies the task of fixing it and removing it. Additionally, you will never experience any faded spots due to evaporation. This is because the car cover is well ventilated to prevent air from accumulating in between the car and the cover. Even if it rains cats and dogs, your car will remain completely dry and clean.


  • Cheap
  • Free shipping
  • Water and ice proof
  • Light weight
  • Universal fit


  • Elastic hem
  • Resists high winds
  • 1 year warranty
  • Breathable
  • Storage bag
  • UV protection


  • Not easy to clean
  • Locking system sold separately


Leader Accessories Car Cover offers more than what any motorist would ask for. The car cover provides maximum protection from ultra violet rays, dust, water, debris, scratches and bird droppings. Your peace of mind is therefore guaranteed regardless of where you park your car.

With this cover, you will not need to wash your car regularly. It’s actually easy to transport the cover from one place to another. This is because the package comes with a storage bag. You can therefore take the cover with you when you are heading out of town. The cover comes with a one year limited warranty.

Read the Full Review   Buy from Amazon