Car Repairs and Car Maintenance – Neglecting These can be Expensive

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Car Repairs and Car Maintenance – Neglecting These Can Be Expensive


The cost of car repairs is increasing all the time and the fees charged by your local mechanic will be getting higher month by month. When you think about this it naturally is easier to just ignore any problems you’re starting to experience in your car. Perhaps you just hope that if you ignore them they will go away!

There are some drivers who don’t really pay attention to the signs that their car is needing some care and attention until the day that they experience real trouble. However, we all know that neglecting car repairs has its price.


auto engine

Auto Engine

Consequences Of Neglect

Failing to address the problems in your car early on can result in far more and far worse troubles, such as this:

More serious damage.

Have you been ignoring the puddle of fluid that you’ve seen often under your car recently? That puddle could be oil starting to leak, and ignoring it can lead to total loss of oil among the various engine parts. And if you’re unfortunate, that can seriously damage many of the various engine components. If this happens you may face a much bigger inconvenience, not to mention bigger expense. Car problems often start small. When neglected, they simply grow bigger until they overwhelm you.


If you’ve been hearing a squeal from your brakes each time you step on the pedal to stop, that’s one sign that the brake pads are already worn-out. If you don’t take action right away, and don’t replace the pads, you may experience a sudden brake failure that can lead to serious road accidents or even a fatality.

More expense.

Of course, small inconveniences which become bigger problems always mean that minor expenses become bigger expenditures.  Your car is one of the things you shouldn’t skimp on, or you may one day find yourself stuck with facing massive costs, all due to neglect.

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You wouldn’t want to deal with these serious issues during your vehicle ownership. So you can see that it’s important that you pay attention to your car and address problems in good time whenever you encounter them.

How To Save On Car Repair and Maintenance

While you may think that you’re stuck with huge ongoing expenses on your car, you’ll be glad to know that this isn’t necessarily so. There are many ways by which you can reduce your vehicle costs. Here are three of them:

Perform Routine Maintenance and Inspection

Always, always follow the routine maintenance schedule of your car, no matter how busy you are. Check the level of your car fluids regularly, always inspect the wear components of your vehicle, and keep your auto clean at all times. Doing these things regularly will prevent the onset of damage and this will also help you diagnose problems while they are still at an early stage and not yet too serious.

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Learn the basic tasks needed for your car so that you can undertake some of the tasks that you might otherwise have left to your mechanic. It is quite straightforward to learn simple car washing, fluid refilling, or even the installation of the simpler components.

Shop Around.

Shop around for after sales auto parts and for a reliable mechanic. Don’t settle for the first car part or the first shop professional that you find when you need replacements or a skilled auto technician. Shop if possible beforehand for the best value in price and benefits.

As you can see, there really is no reason to neglect car maintenance. Just following a good maintenance routine and learning how to carry out minor repairs can save you much inconvenience, keep you safer on the road and what is more, save you money.

Auto Sound Systems – Is Bigger Better?

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When we talk about auto sound systems, one question is often posed –  is bigger better?  The honest answer to that is, not  necessarily. There are many excellent quality sound systems that will not need you to remove the back seat and your first-born so that you can  enjoy wonderful quality of sound and music as you drive along on your daily commute. Something to remember is  that dynamite does, in fact, come in small packages. This can also be the case with a good quality sound system for your car, truck, or SUV.

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You can, of course, choose to have the full range sound package. A package like this, if it is not custom installed by the dealer, is likely to occupy a great deal of space within your car, truck, or SUV.  If you drive a compact car, these types of speakers and this particular type of sound system is obviously not to be recommended.

One reason which makes this a bad choice is that it will probably require either the vast majority of your trunk or for you to take out your back seat.  I, for one, like the facility of being able to drive friends, relatives, and/or children.  I don’t wish to give up the use of my back seat.  I also prefer the continuity of a factory-installed system which will take up none of the living space within the interior of my SUV.

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My favourite choice would be the wonderful sound quality of the Bose sound system and speakers. The quality of sound with this particular system is excellent.    Real music lovers will agree that a good quality of sound is far more desirable than aa increased volume. However, this sound system may not be the perfect choice for everyone, as we all have our preferences.  It is simply that for me, as a music lover, the Bose auto sound system  is my preferred choice.

I would always choose a softer sound that has excellent quality to a louder sound which may be of substandard or even of average quality.  The problem with most ‘big’ sound systems and speakers is that they can often produce sound which is hollow or tinny rather than full and robust.

A good auto sound system will provide you with the best possible sound within the confines of the least possible space. You will probably find that it is not really necessary to sacrifice your back seat in order to make space for the speakers.  A really good sound system may cost somewhat more than just an average one, but it is not necessary to go overboard and buy the most expensive one available.  Just buy the best you can afford, remembering that there are some times when you get what you pay for.

One thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to have the most expensive, the best known, or even the biggest sound system in order to have a wonderful quality sound system in your automobile. Look around, investigate and you will find that it is possible to have a sound system that is not only excellent quality but also excellent sound. You do not need to pay an arm and a leg in order to have a good sound available in your vehicle.

Music is all around us, at work, at home, on television shows. Music sets moods, sets tones, and kills moods on occasion. Why not have really good quality equipment upon which to play the music that can so greatly enhance and enrich your life?

If you are wanting to equip your vehicle with an auto sound system it only makes sense to listen to several before deciding on the one that will work best with your musical tastes and your desire for your vehicle sound system. Don’t be talked into thinking that you need only the latest, greatest, and most expensive toy on the market. Find a system that sounds good to you and go with that system. You do not have to go for a bigger, better sound. if you find a sound you like, at a price you like, that should be enough to give you many pleasant listening hours.

Car Dents Repaired at Home

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 Car Dents  Repaired At Home

Car dents are one of the inconveniences you may have to put up with during your car ownership. They can happen at any time without warning.  A vehicle may colide with your car while reversing, a supermarket trolley may get out of control and come crashing into your car door, or perhaps you get into a narrow parking space and the next door car to you bangs its door onto your car on opening. Car dents can give your car a shabby and tired appearance and so reduce its value.  Therefore, car dent repairs are very important.

As you know, these repairs can become very costly when you have to call in a professional.  The cheapest way around this, therefore, would be to do it yourself at home in your own garage. It may take some effort, time and patience, but you’ll find that the savings are well worth it.


Car Dent Repair Procedures

Repairing a car dent involves two general steps: first, restoring the original shape of the dented panel and then secondly, restoring its original look.

To Restore the Original Shape – Fixing the Dent

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You need to pull out the dent. You can do this by pushing the dent out from the inside with your hands. Simple dents are soft enough for your hands to push it out.

If the dent won’t move, your next option would be to usilise a block of wood and the right mallet or hammer. Position the wood outside of the dent while you carefully hammer the dent from the inside to push it out (be sure that you use just the right amount of force here).

If you cannot gain access to the inside of the dent (i.e. if the dent is in a difficult area like under the hood), you can use an electric drill, screw, and a self-locking vice grip. Drill a 1/8″ hole at the center of the dent, screw in the screw, and use the grip to pull on the dent.

Sand all the paint from the area of the dent and then fill it with body filler. Once the filler is set hard, shape the surface with sandpaper (start with a coarse sandpaper and finish with a fine one).

Restore the Original Look – By Repainting

Apply spray primer on the area (several coats will be needed, and allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next).

When this is done, repaint the area of the dent (several coats will also be needed, with fine sanding done between each coat until the desired smoothness is achieved).

If you plan to do your own repair, you can find complete repair kits to help you with the task. Nowadays, there are available a wide variety of kits that will help you do a good job easily.  Among the latest are those that don’t require you to drill on the dent, thus reducing the incidental damage to your car. There are kits that make use of a hot glue gun, tabs, and brackets for an easier and faster repair of car dents.

With all these aids now available, it’s possible to perform car dent repairs at home much more easily and without incurring large costs.

Car Repairs and Car Maintenance Tips

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Car Repairs And Car Maintenance Tips

As you drive about each day you will naturally  encounter problems; perhaps engine noise, leaks, electrical problems, air conditioning or heater malfunction, brake pulsation, transmission problems, and many others.    But, there’s no reason to be too worried as more inexpensive car repairs are now available.   Also, there are a number of ways by which you can avoid large expenses in keeping your vehicle safely on the road.

Here are some straightforward tips that should give you quite significant savings:

Take Action Early On

This is easy if you are familiar with all the parts of your car and how it normally should be running.  If the trouble is just in its early stage, you can already smell, hear, see, or feel it.  Prevention is also cheaper than cure when dealing with cars. So, sorting out any problem early on before it gets worse will save you a lot of money.

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Accurate Diagnostics

This is imperative especially if it’s the first time you are encountering the problem and you don’t have any clue about its nature. You can consult with your neighborhood mechanic or you can seek the opinion of family members or friends who are familiar with cars as they may be able to determine the problem. Proper diagnosis is crucial to finding the right solution. Otherwise, you might be addressing a non-existent trouble but overlooking the real problem.

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Investigate the Price of Auto Parts.

If you need to replace any part of your vehicle, especially a part that’s expensive, you should be patient and take the time to check both local auto parts dealers and also online stores so that you can find the best price. The price of the parts offered in the market usually varies according to their manufacturer, so you might want to do some research as to their advantages over other components. This way, you can find one of the best value.


When looking for replacement parts, you can try secondhand shops or repair shops. Some may have just the parts you need, which are used but still working perfectly. These parts may come from a car already abandoned by the owner and have been reconditioned, and they are usually much cheaper than brand new. You can also try online sites. You may be fortunate enough to be able to buy brand new parts at low prices simply because they’re not needed by the owner any longer.

Do-It-Yourself Repair

Minor defects such as small car dents or scratches, the installation of some auto parts, and other repairs are easy to deal with and you can do them on your own.   Just read guidelines and manuals thoroughly or browse the internet to find demos that you can download at no cost at all.

Learn Before You Buy

Even before you buy your car, study the make or model well, especially if it’s second hand. You should determine what parts of the particular car make or model are prone to wear and tear and check the price of such parts beforehand. This way, you will have a good idea of which brand or model is a practical buy. Also, verify whether the spare parts of a particular model or make are widely available because you might encounter problems if they’re scarce or already phased out.

Inexpensive car repairs are possible.   All it takes is some patience, resourcefulness and ingenuity on your part.

Auto Sound Systems – Quality Counts

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Auto Sound Systems

I can’t imagine what it would be to enter into my daily commute if I didn’t have the companionship of a good auto sound system.

Music in the morning is necessary for me, about as necessary as oxygen and caffeine!   If I don’t have music my day is wrong-footed.   Music is  very important for someone like me, and I suspect many like me.  My wake up call in the morning comes from my favorite radio station and from that point on music is my companion for the majority of my morning routine.

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My point is that I’m sure I’m not alone in my morning preference.  If that were the case there wouldn’t be so many variations of the music driven alarm clock.  Today you can even have CD player alarm clocks in order to get you up and running to your favorite tunes.

This brings me to an important point.  A good auto sound system will sound much better than your morning music wake up call. Most alarm clocks don’t have the best sound quality.  They are designed for minimal space, minimal intrusion, and to be just annoying enough that you will get up (eventually) and turn them off.  If the music is good and the quality even better, most of us, can manage to incorporate the music into our dreams and go right back to sleep.

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You don’t want your auto sound system to put you to sleep  but you do want it to be really enjoyable to listen to.  You are after all most likely spending a substantial amount to pay for it.  Some folk may think this is extravagant but many people spend more time each week in their cars than they do in front of their television sets.   Also, they are much more inclined to spend a great deal more on big screen or LCD televisions for their homes.

A great auto sound system is one way that I can bring music into my life every day.  I’m quite certain that there are others out there just like me. There are many wonderful auto sound systems on the market today competing with one another for a slice of the music lover’s pie. That would not be the case if there were only a select few of us who enjoyed great music.

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The trick is always going to be finding the sound you like at a price you like. A good auto sound system is not an impulse buy. This is something to consider carefully, shop around, and compare prices  before you make the decision to purchase. You should also consider things such as free installation and how they will affect the overall price.

There are many things to consider when purchasing an auto sound system for your vehicle. The most important of those things is how well you like the system you are purchasing. This is your money after all and you should spend it well, on the auto sound systems that sound best and offers the features that you desire most.


Auto Tools – Essential Tools You Should Have

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Some Essential Auto Tools

When you own a vehicle, it is vital that you also own the correct automotive tools.   This is because you never know when your car or truck might develop problems so that you need to do some adjustment, or even repairs, yourself.

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You should have a collection of the essential and the most useful automotive tools for car owners.   These automotive tools should be kept where they are conveniently accessible, either in a car repair kit or a special box inside your car.

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One of the first pieces of equipment that you should purchase for your car or truck’s tool kit is an adjustable wrench.  This tool has the capability to automatically modify to the dimensions of the nut and can slacken off and undo} or tighten up everything.   Expect to pay out around $15 to $50 for this tool.

A continuity tester should also be incorporated in your set of tools.  This is an electrical test apparatus.   You can use this to confirm whether there is an electrical path that can be made linking two points.    This is helpful for testing electrical elements of your car. You will probably find this will cost you approximately in the order of} $5 to $50.

For a few dollars each you should be able to pick up a couple of  funnels.   These should assist you to a great extent when you are adding fluids and oils to your car.  You need to be sure to clean them very thoroughly after use.   In addition, make sure that you use only one funnel for each fluid.   For instance, only use one funnel for adding brake fluid and don’t use it for anything else.  You should never use this funnel to add washer fluid or oil.

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Always remember that you must have a  jack included in your tools.  It’s worth paying a little more to get a good one.  You will use this in the event that you have to to replace your tires.   This is one of the essential items that you must not overlook. Always include a jack in your automotive tool kit.